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Social Emotional Learning

Clarendon implemented a school-wide Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) plan in 2019, spearheaded by the school social worker. Our SEL plan reflects the latest research that shows that a strong social-emotional foundation is necessary for all students for school success, academic achievement, positive social relationships and the development of emotional competence. We also believe that SEL can be a lever for advancing educational equity.


Our SEL plan includes:

  • Five SEL themes that guide the Clarendon community throughout the year: Learning School Expectations; Identifying Feelings; Having Empathy; Managing Emotions; and Problem Solving

  • SEL curriculum in all classrooms 

  • Increasing positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS)


Each teacher will use their preferred SEL curriculum, and fit their lessons into the theme. The students will receive lessons in class, but will also access information during lunchtime assemblies and on the yard. Parents will also receive information about the monthly theme, and how to echo the learning at home through Parent Education Nights and our SEL website. Students are positively acknowledged for using their social skills to help to create a safe learning environment. Learn more on our SEL Website below.


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