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Fundraising FAQ

What is the money raised by Second Community Parents Association (SCPA) used for?

Funds pay for our teaching consultants (music, art, movement/PE, writing, garden, tech, drama), classroom supplies, and field trips. SCPA spends approximately $1,000 on each student’s academic enrichment per school year.


How is the budget set?

Budgets are proposed by the SCPA Executive Committee and approved by the entire parent body during General Meetings, which are open to Second Community parents and guardians. Meeting agendas and minutes are posted on ParentSquare.

Are parents required to donate?

All donations are voluntary. If donating is not a possibility, please try to support our school in other ways, such as volunteering your time in planning or staffing events.

What happens if we cannot raise the full amount?

If we cannot meet our fundraising goals, SCPA has reserve funds for emergencies. However, we cannot operate at a deficit. Alternatively, SCPA will look at reducing expenses and enrichment programs.

Isn't this a public school?

Clarendon receives money from SFUSD per student based on a weighted formula. Given Clarendon’s student population, we as a site receive less funding than many other schools in the district. At Clarendon, SCPA funding pays for enrichment programs that go beyond the standard curriculum, including art, music, and movement as mentioned above.


What about classroom fundraising?

Part of SCPA’s budget includes a donation to classroom teachers ($125/student) for supplies and field trips. This helps ensure all students have materials for classroom participation, and prevents teachers from spending their own money. Some teachers collect additional funds for specific classroom needs. Your teacher will discuss this at Back-to-School Night.


Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes, and you can write your donation off. Second Community Parents Association’s (SCPA) Tax ID is 94-3205047.

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