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Q. What time does school start?
A. School starts at 9:30 AM.

Q. What time does school end?
A. The school day ends at 3:45 PM, with the exception of Wednesdays, when there is an early release at 2:30 PM.

Q. Does Clarendon offer childcare before and/or after school?
A. Yes. Clarendon offers high-quality on-site childcare from 7:00am to 6:30pm. Childcare is run by a separate and private company, and therefore has its own admission process and maintains its own waiting list. There is a fee for childcare services. For more information, contact 415-699-4170.

Admission to Clarendon Elementary School does not automatically trigger admission to the childcare program. You will need to register separately after you have accepted placement at Clarendon.


Q. Where do I park?
A. At regular drop off and pick up times, most parents park on either side of Clarendon Avenue (both uphill and downhill from the school on the school-side of the street, and directly across Clarendon as well). There is no parking directly in front of the school, as this area is reserved for school buses. Double parking is not allowed. If you park on neighboring streets, please be sure not to block neighbor driveways.

There is a pedestrian bridge just south of the school building, and there are crossing guards at the intersection of Clarendon Avenue and Panorama to help you cross the street safely. Please don’t jaywalk!

Q. Can I take Public Transportation?

A. Clarendon is serviced by the 36 Teresita. It is also a 0.7mile walk from the Forest Hill Metro station and a 0.4mile walk from the Clarendon Stop (Serviced by the 44 O'Shaughnessy and 43 Masonic).


Q. How do I know what classroom my child is assigned to?
A. On the Friday before the first day of school in August, classroom assignments will be posted on the windows at the front of the school. The assignment lists will remain on the front windows through the first day of school.


Q. What does my child need to bring on the first day of school?
A. Please send your child to school with a backpack large enough to fit a 9″ x 12″ folder, a snack, and a lunch (or $2 for a school lunch, see below). Pencils, paper, and other school supplies are provided for your child in the classroom.

Q. Is a school lunch provided?
A. Students have the option of purchasing the standard SFUSD School Lunch.

Q. Is there any way for my child to meet other Clarendon students before school starts?
A. Yes! There are two New Family Picnics held over the summer. When you come to the school to enroll your child, be sure to provide your email address so we can contact you about Kindergarten gatherings.

Q. What is the school calendar for the upcoming academic year?
A. Here’s the link to the SFUSD academic calendar

Q. Is there school bus service to Clarendon?
A. Yes. Click here to view SFUSD Bus Schedules.

Q. What are my child’s chances of getting into Clarendon School?
A. The assignment process is handled entirely by the EPC (Educational Placement Center at SFUSD). The selection process and waiting pools are maintained by the EPC. The school site has no information on the selection criteria or the wait pools. The principal of the school CANNOT assist you in getting your child in. It is best to maintain contact with the EPC for the most accurate and up to date information. The notion that there is a waiting list maintained at the school site is COMPLETELY FALSE.

If you have questions regarding the enrollment process or your status on the waiting list, or if you would like to lobby on your child’s behalf or explain special circumstances relating to your child, please contact the EPC directly.

Q. Where do Clarendon students go to middle school?
A. Clarendon students continue on to a wide variety of public and private middle schools after completion of 5th grade. Our current SFUSD assigned feeder middle school is Presidio.

Q. Will my child’s younger sibling get a space at Clarendon?
A. Younger siblings of children in grades K-4 receive “sibling priority” and are allowed to submit an application during the pre-assignment phase of the enrollment period. We have never had a sibling NOT be admitted when the parents were San Francisco residents and submitted all of the paperwork on time.

Q. I cannot make it to a tour. May I visit the school on my own?
A. Every year approximately 1000 people visit Clarendon on the school tours. It is at the request of the teachers that visitors are limited to these tours. It is for this reason that we offer so many tours over a two and one half month period. Although we certainly understand the desire for individual classroom visits, it is just not possible to accommodate the numerous requests that we receive. Our first commitment is to the students who attend Clarendon and we try to limit disruptions to their school day. You are, however, always welcome to come to the school office to have questions answered or pick up information.

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